Zanzibar 2015

  • Examinations were done on 50 cases of children with congenital anomalies and requiring accurate and advanced surgeries.
  • 20 advanced surgeries were operated in the field of pediatric surgery in 3 days only.
  • Meetings were held with the Tanzanian Minister of Health, the Tanzanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Director of Mazimoga Hospital Also Tanzanian ambassador in Egypt and electronic forces Egyptian Ambassador in Tanzania and members of the Department of Surgery and Pediatric Surgery.
  • High level attention from the Tanzanian media and keenness to cover the activities of the Egyptian medical delegation,
    which contributed to the provision of treatment and operations to more than twenty sick children who were planned to
    travel to India for operations at the expense of Tanzania.
  • Opening of the Pediatric Surgery Department of Mazimoga Hospital in Zanzibar It contains a number of (2) Nursery, (3) Bed, (4) Monitor, (2) Hood, In addition to a large quantity of consumables and medical supplies (surgical sutures, Catheters and Plasters).
  • Giving the unit operations (4) boxes of special surgical machines for pediatric surgery.
  • The signing of a memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation with the Minister of Health and Director of Mazimoga Hospital in Zanzibar, especially in the field of pediatric surgery.

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