Why nile of hope

Egypt and the continent of Africa need more attention on the health side, especially in the medical field for children. Recently, many diseases have spread to the most difficult and most difficult cases of congenital malformations, although they are not the most common but difficult to treat and follow, especially those requiring interventions. Surgical surgery.

According to the World Health Organization, deaths from congenital malformations reached 300,000 children (one month or less) each year due to congenital malformations, which is not a small proportion with ignorance and corruption in the medical field in most African countries, And the university to provide the needs and requirements of children of congenital malformations of equipped medical techniques and the provision of health and psychological services, it was necessary to think about building an institution that serves children congenital malformations in Egypt and Africa and help them to move forward without pain or cost.
Hence, it was necessary to establish an integrated medical facility that provides health and therapeutic services for children of congenital malformations in Africa under the umbrella of the Neil Hope Foundation which was established in 2015. It was defamed in 2016 under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Saber Wahib, a group of Alexandria businessmen, Pediatric surgery and congenital malformations.
The Foundation’s first achievements were supported by specialized pediatric surgery convoys in Egypt and Tanzania, which had started in cooperation with Moheimbli University in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with the University of Alexandria represented by Prof. Dr. Saber Wahib in 2014.

In 2015, the second Tanzania convoy was the first to gain hope. The Neil Hope Hospital in Mazyoga, Zanzibar, established surgical intensive care for children. More than 50 advanced pediatric surgeries were carried out, and cooperation continued to be the second hope convoy in August 2016. And developed for children of congenital malformations at Muheimbli Hospital in Dar es Salaam and Mazimoga Hospital in Zanzibar and documentation And the establishment of continuous channels of scientific cooperation between the University of Mohemble and Alexandria University in the field of pediatric surgery, and the assessment of the general situation in Mazimoga Hospital in Zanzibar and to find out all the details for processing for future visits, and the possibility of bringing students to study the International Program Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, In accordance with the scientific and practical achievements of the two convoys.

Currently, cooperation has been established with hospital 57357 to lay the foundations for the design of Neil Al Amal hospital in Alexandria to serve as a nucleus for the treatment of pediatric and congenital malformations and their care in Egypt and Africa.

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