About Medical Convoy

We believe that the treatment of children with congenital malformations requires a double effort to help them and give them a healthy life. Staying in a stable place will not help and will not help anyone. We had to go to them to treat them with better health and medical possibilities. , And training medical staff – doctors and nurses – to provide better therapeutic and psychological services for our children. In this context, the Neil Al Amal Foundation has launched convoys of advanced pediatric surgeries in African countries


  • Conducting accurate and advanced surgical procedures for the largest number of patients available at Moheimbli main hospital in Dar es Salaam and Mazimoga Hospital in Zanzibar.
  • Communicate in order to document and establish continuous channels of scientific cooperation between Mohemble University and Alexandria University in the field of pediatric surgery and the possibility of expanding the scope of cooperation to include all medical specialties.
  •  Evaluate the overall situation at Moheibli Hospital in Dar es Salaam and Mazimoga Hospital in Zanzibar and find out all the details for the preparation of more efficient and equipped future visits.
  • Research the possibility of bringing students to study the international program Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University.
  • The beginning of communication with the pediatric surgeons in the Nile Basin countries to work on the establishment of the NPAPS (Nile Basin Association of Pediatric Surgons).

Medical convoys

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