The establishment of Nile Of Hope Hospital for pediatric surgery and congenital malformations

To be the first place specialized in the field of congenital malformations and to face congenital deformity with our children and their treatment and care full care after they were alone in the face, which affects the physical and moral health of the negative and then the productivity of this child in the future and is planned to be the hospital equipped with the best capabilities and advanced technologies to provide services Integrated health of children congenital malformations helps them to live in a healthy, safe and happy life and free of charge.

Our Vision

  • Establishing an integrated therapeutic medical research facility.

Our Objectives

  • Establishment of a specialized hospital equipped with the latest equipment and equipment to provide integrated health care for children of congenital malformations.
  • To establish the concept of integrated care for children of congenital malformations through:
    • Providing free health services to children with congenital malformations.
    • Communicate with high-quality medical centers equipped with pediatric medicine and surgery to provide our children with the necessary treatment for diseases caused by congenital malformations.
    • To spread health and cultural awareness among civil society to the needs and requirements of the congenital malformations patient.
  • Initiate constructive scientific research to find realistic solutions and better treatment methods for congenital malformations in Africa and the world.

The Initial Visualization Of The Hospital

First: the absorptive capacity of the hospital:

The total capacity of the hospital reaches 100 patients, divided into 50 nurseries and 30 beds and 20 beds with care

Second: Hospital Departments:

The hospital’s departments include a number of important sections that serve the concept of integrated care in all aspects:

  • Department of children and newborns
  • Pediatric Surgery Department.
  • Reception and emergency department.
  • 3 operating rooms.
  • Scientific Research Center.
  • Pediatric Radiology Center.
  • Treatment coefficient.
  • The scientific center includes (continuous training and education center, quality assurance center).
  • Clinical Pharmacy.

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