Hammam City 2017

  • Making medical exam  and providing medical consultations in the treatment of specialized surgical conditions.
  • Conducting specialized pediatric surgeries.
  • Emphasis on the role of the Foundation and the Society in supporting and assisting needy children of Egypt and providing Integrated care.

Headed by prof. Dr. Saber Wahib, Professor of Pediatric Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University

prof . Dr. Tamer Ghoneim, Head of Pediatric Anesthesia Unit, Alexandria University

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Malak – Specialist Pediatric Surgery – Alexandria University

Dr. Mohamed Mansy, Specialist in Pediatric Surgery, Alexandria University

Dr. Cariman Mohamed – Anesthesiologist

Dr. Rajeh Awad – Pharmacist and specialist in intravenous nutrition in pediatric surgery – Alexandria University

Alia Fayed – Nursing Pediatric Surgery

Ahmed Mahmoud – Anesthesia Nursing

  • More than 15 cases were examed.
  • More than 10 specialized surgeries were performed.

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