Fwah 2017

Under the patronage of major- general Mr. Nasr Nasr, Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh and Ms. Hala Abou El Saad, Vice-President of the Committee Small Projects in the House of Representatives the second convoy of 2017 for pediatric surgery and congenital malformation on Thursday and Friday March 24, 2017

  • surgical operations were carried out for the children of Kafr El-Sheikh governorate … all specialized and skilled operations:

             – 25 children with congenital defects in urinary track

             – 9 cases of congenital anomalies in the anus and abdominal wall

             – 8 undecended testis cases and inguinal  region problems

             – In addition to the Cleft lip

  • The medical examination was made on 85 children suffering from various problems in pediatric surgery and congenital deformities.
  • Through the convoy, the young doctors and surgeons were trained at Fuwah General Hospital on the skills of pediatric surgery.
  • And dealing with multiple congenital malformations. An initial concept of nursing training and doctors was introduced in Alexandria.

Under the supervision of Professor Dr. Saber Wahib

The convoy extends its thanks to Major General  mr. Sayyid Nasr, Governor of Kafr El Sheikh for his care and his presence at the central hospital of fuwah

And Ms. Hala Abu al-Saad, Deputy Committee of Projects in the House of Representatives for their care and diligent effort to serve the children of KafrSheikh and her presence on the both days of the convoy among patients families.

And thanks to the management of the General Hospital and workers, headed by Dr. Mohammed Al-Far Ali Hassan for Reception and cooperation to conduct maximum operations during the convoy.

Finally, thanks to FAPSCAP to support and equip the convoy to perform operations.

Prof.  DR .Saber Wahib

Professor of Pediatric Surgery, Alexandria University

Chairman of FAPSCAP

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