Egypt and the continent of Africa need more attention on the health side, especially in the medical field for children. Recently, many diseases have spread to the most difficult and most difficult cases of congenital malformations, although they are not the most common but difficult to treat and follow, especially those requiring interventions. Surgical surgery.
According to the World Health Organization, deaths from congenital malformations reached 300,000 children (one month or less) each year due to congenital malformations, which is not a small proportion with ignorance and corruption in the medical field in most African countries, And the university to provide the needs and requirements of children of congenital malformations

Providing a supreme surgical and medical care, free of charge to the needy kids in Africa.


Building livable, outstanding centers communicating with each other all over Africa to help every child receiving the best medical services with minimal pain and optimal quality.


Be one of our team Join our great team and draw a smile on child’s face


Our Goals


Provide cure to the patient with minimal pain.


Construct several sustainable centers of pediatric surgery in the African countries.


Encourage community rehabilitation and public awareness towards the rights and needs of congenital anomalies patients.


Promote and initiate creative research work seeking less invasive techniques for better management of congenital anomalies.

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Nile Of Hope Hospital

The establishment of Nile Of Hope Hospital for pediatric surgery and congenital malformations

To be the first place specialized in the field of congenital malformations and to face congenital deformity with our children and their treatment and care full care after they were alone in the face, which affects the physical and moral health of the negative and then the productivity of this child in the future and is planned to be the hospital equipped with the best capabilities and advanced technologies to provide services Integrated health of children congenital malformations helps them to live in a healthy, safe and happy life and free of charge.

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Medical Convoy

Perform accurate and advanced surgical procedures for the largest number of patients available

Inside Egypt

  • Making medical exam and providing medical consultations in the treatment of specialized surgical cases.
  • Conducting specialized pediatric surgeries.
  • Emphasize the role of the Foundation and the Assembly in supporting and helping needy children of Egypt And providing  integrated care .

Outside Egypt

Tanzanian Embassy in Cairo, Tanzanian Ministry of Health in Tanzania and Zanzibar have Invited Dr. Saber Wahib to Complete his Achievements Last Year. The Fourth Convoy of the Neil Hope Foundation was Launched and Achieved a Series of Spectacular Successes.

For any Queries or assistance please call: +2 0100 065 6808 (Toll Free)

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